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The show begins. In a different manner. With a revolutionary way of thinking. From old musicians, but evergreen thinking. For your attempt to meet others like you. Let's give us a chance to help you in drawing your dream.

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Mediterranean Records

We are very small. The idea is to have two labels with which to publish all the music we produce or that we like. Inspired by Atlantic records, which I admire very much, I looked for a name that followed the trail of the Atlantic Ocean and then checked whether Pacific Records was free as a domain, but it wasn't. So I considered the Mediterranean Sea and only then I realized it was in front of my eyes and that it was the predestined place to look and it was pure magic when I learned that the rights of Mediterranean were free to be acquired.
I own the rights of Mediterranean and for me it is almost like a sign of destiny so it seemed absurd to me that nobody had asked for it before for himself. The symbol I chose takes up the mythological figure of Athena and the birth of the first olive tree.

The Legend

In a competition between Athena and Poseidon called by Zeus to offer the most beautiful gift to the people, the latter generated the most powerful horse to win every battle, while the Goddess Athena with a stick stroke on a rock gave birth to the first olive tree. The splendid plant illuminated the night, healed wounds and cured diseases and also offered precious nourishment, giving well-being and therefore peace to all the people who would cultivate it.

Zeus chose this, blessed the silvery leaves and said, "This plant will protect a new city which will be called Athens by you, my daughter." You gave men the olive tree and with it you gave light, food and an eternal symbol of peace ".

All the artists of the countries directly or indirectly facing the Mediterranean are welcome. Of any ethnicity, culture, language ... in short, of any kind. And please contact us to let us hear your music.

Kimoisland Records

In 2020 the world has become smaller and cultures struggle to emerge in their uniqueness and increasingly the border is weakened and the overlap of meanings and customs begins to be contaminated. It would have been impossible to protect Mediterranean Records from its territorial representation mission of cultures if we had begun to include genres such as dance, electronics and the like. this is why the need for a second label. Kimoisland records is Urban, Modern and multilingual. No Border.

Etymology of Kimoisland

It is very simple my surname is Chimienti, I am Italian, but the root is Greek from Kimolos. My father was called Kimo. Later, to appear on international records, I was baptized by producer Danny Besquit with Keeman, who I recorded regularly as a pseudo-man at the Society of Authors and Publishers. We added Ron. And he became Ron Keeman. Kimoisland groups all this.


In reality, no mission is established. Here what interests is modernity in the name of emotion. It is worth anything. From Punk to Dub, from Ska to EDM. If you have a project, let us hear it.