Music Distribution For Everyone

times have changed.

How It Work

Our goal is to publish many artists, to put their creations up for sale and hope to enlarge the audience as much as possible. 
Until a few decades ago, if you had written or played a song and hoped to make some money out of it, the procedure was very complicated and laborious.The audience reached him through the distribution of a record and this could only be done by those who had a network of representatives and wholesalers thanks to whom the shops and therefore the market were reached. but who had this great organization dictated many laws. Above all, very often, in order to take the maximum advantage of this opportunity, this organization accepted the distribution only if it had the editorial rights because they are in turn another slice of profit deriving from the activity described above.

Now All This Has Radically Changed.


Artistic Production

advice on how to make your creation better. Take a lock to our Production Staff

Communicate with images

The cover of the single to be published rather than your image as an artist or the video of your song.

Laws & Rights

Treat the rights of a cover or know how to distribute any proceeds with your collaborators.


Publish and sell your song on as many stores as possible


More than 800 Radio & Tv in our network to promote your music

Get yourself represented

How important it is to be represented by someone else not because you are not able to speak for yourself, but because you are more credible if it is someone else who does it for you.